Living room layout ideas: 7 living room plans for every space

The living room is arguably the most important recreational space in the home. After all, it’s where we invite our guests when we want to entertain, and where we put our feet up to relax at the end of a long day. But, as our living areas often need to be very versatile, it can sometimes be tricky to arrange your furniture in a way that suits all your needs — especially as you’ll also want it to look perfectly stylish and inviting. The solution is choosing a layout that... Read More


Rustic Living Room Ideas: How To Get The English Country Look In Your Décor

Trends might come and go, but that rustic, English country house look is always in style. As interior design goes, this look really is in a class of its own: it’s both grand and elegant, yet also cozy and inviting, with an off-hand, effortless charm that make it feel truly timeless. And, while this décor might be synonymous with the palatial country estates of aristocratic Brits, you don’t need to be a lord of the manor — or even based in England — to be get this look in your... Read More


Shabby chic living room ideas: How to get the look

Over the years, shabby chic has proven to be one of the most enduring interior trends. While the term was first coined around 20 years ago in the fashion industry, it’s since taken on a life of its own in interior design and continues to be one of the most popular styles in British homes to this day. Featuring lots of distressed finishes, chintzy fabrics, mismatched accessories, and unusual antique items, the shabby chic look has a nostalgic, lived-in feel. It’s this combination of rustic farmhouse simplicity and romantic detail... Read More