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Exceptional British Chesterfield Furniture

Do you want to own a piece of history?

Every couch, sofa or footstool that leaves our workshop does so with a personal touch. Our beautiful beech frames are hand-built, each thread is delicately woven into place, and every stud is hand-tacked to ensure that classic British Chesterfield look. Using skills and techniques that have not changed for generations.

All of this is overseen by our first-class craftsmen and women; real people who make up the heart and soul of the Timeless Chesterfields family.

Let the iconic Chesterfield Sofa become a part of your family’s history today.

Chesterfield Furniture Handcrafted in Britain | Timeless Chesterfields

All of our furniture is hand-made to order by highly skilled craftspeople, right here in our own Lancashire workshop.

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