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Tailor made Chesterfields

Are you sitting comfortably?

Making a Chesterfield to my own specification is expensive right? Not necessarily. In fact, many changes we can make to a standard sofa or chair won't cost you an extra penny. It all boils down to what alterations you want to make from the original design and to what extent.

We have over 30 years of honed expertise and handcraft all our own furniture in our own workshop so we are not bound by the same limitations as an off the shelf, high street, mass produced product. At Timeless Chesterfields we understand we are all individuals, who are different shapes and sizes and who have our own tastes and styles. We realise the genuine need to design sofas and chairs to your personal specifications or requirements.

You may have often wished you could have a deeper seat depth because you have long legs or needed a sofa lowered to accommodate your shorter height. You may have set your heart on a certain sofa but needed it smaller to fit a particular space or even upholstered in your own fabric or leather to match a preferred design scheme. Practicalities aside, at Timeless Chesterfields almost anything is possible.

Choosing to buy a sofa is a personal decision. As a society, we need to change our perceptions and not write off our desires just because we expect exorbitant associated costs to make simple alterations. We shouldn't have to settle for make dos or compromises. At Timeless Chesterfields we can make that happen. If you want your Chesterfield sofa or chair in a particular size, shape or covering, we will endeavour to tailor it to your needs and for less than you probably imagine.

To order your perfect sofa or discuss your options, call us on 01204 368413 or email.