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Distressed Leather Chesterfield Furniture

At Timeless Chesterfields, our distressed leather Chesterfield furniture is upholstered in a hide that has contrasting pigments for a distinctive distressed appearance. The leather also has a soft, waxy texture and a resilient coating, which is able to resist scratching and soiling.

Its toughness makes this leather the ideal choice for sofas or chairs that will see a lot of regular use. However, the exquisite appearance of this material means that you won’t simply be exchanging practicality for great looks. Don’t forget to browse our leather care kits, which contain everything you need to maintain your distressed leather Chesterfield furniture. Take a look at the colours in our collection below.

Etna Black Etna Black
Etna Brandy Etna Brandy
Etna Cream Etna Cream
Etna Grey Etna Grey
Etna Red Etna Red
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