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Unique Sofas

If you’re looking for something that will really set your décor apart, one of the unique sofas in this collection is sure to be just the style for you. Everything you see here is crafted to be eye-catching, which means it will never fade into the background.

Here at the Timeless Chesterfields workshop in the UK, we take great pride in creating unique sofas, including unique Chesterfield sofas, that really stand out from the crowd. We source our leathers and fabrics from all over the world, so there’s a huge selection of unusual colors, including mustard and pink, to choose from. We combine these with the best handcrafted wooden frames and plush cushioning to create furniture that is every bit as comfortable and well-made as it is unique.

Pair your unique sofa with a matching chair or corner sofa to create a living room suite, or add a footstool in a contrasting fabric to bring even more interest to your space. We even offer customizable throw pillows, which are perfect for adding a personal touch to your unusual sofa. You might also like our full collection of sofas, where you’ll find even more stylish designs.

Choose your sofa style

If you want to create something even more unusual, then contact our customization team to discuss your ideas. And don’t forget, we offer US-wide delivery on all items of furniture, meaning you can get a British-made unique sofa delivered to you, wherever you are.