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What happens if I don't like the sofa?

First of all keep calm, and don't panic. If it's clashing with the curtains, and really not working out for you then we're happy to take it back. Give us a call within 28 days of receipt, and we'll collect it and refund your money in full*.

*In the case of a refund, we will arrange to collect the goods and refund the total amount of monies paid, less the delivery charge and less a collection charge which will be equal to that of the original delivery charge. Please see the example below:

Customer X orders: 1x Knightsbridge Chesterfield in Harley White with Mahogany bun feet and standard studs @ £829

Delivery Charge @ £69 (non-refundable)

Total Order Value = £898

Customer X returns sofa for valid reason.

Customer X is refunded the following: Sofa Value - £69 collection charge.

In the above case £829 - £69 = £760 Customer X will receive £760 for their returned order.