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Grey Chesterfield Sofa Beds

With a grey Chesterfield sofa bed, you can enjoy all the benefits of a grey Chesterfield sofa, with the added option to accommodate overnight guests at a moment's notice.

We have compact 2-seaters that quickly and easily transform into a single bed, as well as 3-seaters that convert into double beds. All boast comfortable mattresses that will help ensure your guests enjoy a good night's sleep.

Our expert team have handpicked the finest leathers and fabrics for our grey Chesterfield sofa beds. With a variety of shades and textures to choose from, you can create the perfect centrepiece for any room.

For more ways to enjoy the Chesterfield style in a guest bedroom, or in your own bedroom, take a look at our upholstered headboards.

Discover our grey fabric and leather coverings

Experiment with our Chesterfield sofa bed designs to see what these fabrics and leathers will look like on the finished article. You can also experiment with different sizes, feet and studs to create your perfect grey Chesterfield sofa bed.