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Natural Leather Chesterfield Furniture

Timeless Chesterfields' natural leather Chesterfield furniture is upholstered in a hide with a beeswax treatment, creating a distressed look. The appearance of this leather really allows the genuine beauty and textures to shine, making it the ideal choice if you want to add a natural aesthetic to your home.

Our natural leather has a ‘pull-up’ effect, which occurs as the hide is pulled or stretched, causing variations to occur in the colouring. The end result is a leather that appears to be slightly aged.

Attention should be given to the special care instructions of your Chesterfield sofa or chair. Take a look at our leather cleaning kits, which contain all you need to keep your natural leather looking great. Browse our colour options below.

Selvaggio Ash Selvaggio Ash
Selvaggio Beaver Selvaggio Beaver
Selvaggio Cognac Selvaggio Cognac
Selvaggio Forest Green Selvaggio Forest Green
Selvaggio Fox Selvaggio Fox
Selvaggio Grape Selvaggio Grape
Selvaggio Hare Selvaggio Hare
Selvaggio New England Selvaggio New England
Selvaggio Parchment Selvaggio Parchment
Selvaggio Peat Selvaggio Peat
Selvaggio Sage Selvaggio Sage
Selvaggio Rum Selvaggio Rum
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