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Velvet Chesterfield Sofas & Chairs

Timeless Chesterfields’ velvet Chesterfield sofas and chairs are upholstered in our sumptuous Knightsbridge velvet, which brings together the desirable qualities of beauty, luxury and practicality.

Our velvet is soft and smooth. This comes from its 100% cotton weave, manufactured in Italy to the highest standards. And as your velvet Chesterfield collects marks and scuffs with age, it creates a unique lived-in look that adds real personality to your décor.

Our team is able to expertly upholster your sofa, chair, or footstool in any of the colours below. Alternatively, they can combine it with another material, like our plaid or herringbone wools, to create a varied design.

Thanks to the outstanding properties of this material, your velvet Chesterfield furniture will look great and endure for many years into the future. Browse our range or contact us to find out more.

Knightsbridge Nordic Pine Knightsbridge Nordic Pine
Knightsbridge Cinnamon Bark Knightsbridge Cinnamon Bark
Knightsbridge Gun Metal Knightsbridge Gun Metal
Knightsbridge Milori Blue Knightsbridge Milori Blue
Knightsbridge Maraschino Knightsbridge Maraschino
Knightsbridge Pinot Noir Knightsbridge Pinot Noir
Knightsbridge Strawberry Crush Knightsbridge Strawberry Crush
Knightsbridge Teals Brow Knightsbridge Teals Brow
Knightsbridge Winter Violet Knightsbridge Winter Violet
Knightsbridge Roman Coin Knightsbridge Roman Coin
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