The anatomy of our British-made Chesterfield sofas

If there is one piece of classic British furniture design that is famous the world over, it’s the Chesterfield sofa. This iconic style can be found in places where a touch of refinement is required — from palaces and high-class hotels to stately homes and flagship designer stores. Many people have also adopted this exquisite sofa for the tasteful decoration of their homes too.

With its luxurious upholstery, deep buttoning, low back, and rolled arms, the Chesterfield is instantly recognisable, and a big part of the reason that it has remained so popular over hundreds of years. To put together a sofa of real quality — one that is worthy of this fine heritage — takes a special kind of expertise and craft, and that’s a something that we know a thing or two about here at Timeless Chesterfields.

Below, we look at some of the finer details that are brought together to make our sofas stand out from the crowd.

Sturdy frames


We use chunky rails of seasoned beech hardwood to build our frames. This type of wood is chosen for its straight grain, giving it fantastic strength and solidity to stand up to the rigours of daily use for many years to come. In addition, our joining team use screw-fixed strengthening corner blocks and dowelled joints to maintain the frame’s integrity — this much more effective than the staples and glue used on many other Chesterfield sofas.

Quality suspension

With so many years of experience crafting Chesterfield sofas, we’ve had plenty of time to discover which suspension provides just the right level of comfort and support. We use a variety of systems, such as fully coiled spring units, high-grade Elastobelt webbing, and serpentine springs, each one chosen to precisely match the design of the sofa. The suspension that we use is made with high-grade materials and engineered with great care, ensuring that it can stand up to daily use and feel as comfy as it did on day one.

Sumptuous cushioning


In most of our Chesterfields, we use ample amounts of locally-produced, high-quality reflex foam, delivering maximum comfort. Several densities of foam are used across the piece to provide support in critical areas, such as the neck and the armrests. We hand-fix each section of foam to the frame, ensuring it will remain firmly in place for the lifetime of the sofa.

Fine upholstery


Each one of our Chesterfield sofas is upholstered in only the finest materials, with a variety of first-class leathers and fabrics to choose from. Our leathers are sourced from some of the most respected tanneries in the world, each selected by our team of experts. Likewise, our fabrics are woven in the UK to the highest standard by a local family firm. We also offer ‘Harris Tweed’ sofas, an iconic British material that is word-famous for its premium quality and flawless production values.

Skilled sewing


Our seamstresses have built up many years of experience, and each sofa that they sew is something of an art form. The stitching on our sofas is of the highest standard, using premium-quality thread to hold everything together. Everything is checked and re-checked for workmanship, and nothing gets past the patient and skilled work of our seasoned team.

Attractive detailing


The striking look of the Chesterfield comes from the details, which distinguish it from other sofas. That’s why it’s incredibly important that it is done the right way. The distinctive deep buttoning that decorates the cushioning of each design is a difficult skill — our craftspeople work painstakingly to position and fix each button to the frame, making sure they will not detach. Our studding is also carried out thoroughly, with every single one hand-tacked through the material and frame, where they will stay in place for the sofa’s lifespan.

British craftsmanship

All of the above components are brought together through the fantastic work of our team, who have built up an unparalleled level of experience in producing bespoke furniture using the same traditional techniques as generations of craftspeople before them. We are one of the longest-established Chesterfield manufacturers in the UK, having produced sofas in our Lancashire workshop for over 35 years. We are so confident in the quality of our Chesterfield sofas that we offer generous guarantees on all of the pieces that we sell.

Your bespoke British-made Chesterfield sofa or chair

While it is our expert craftspeople that will create your Chesterfield sofa or chair, they always welcome your input to make your piece truly unique. We can produce quality furniture to your bespoke requirements — completely made to order. This means that if you want your chair or sofa to be longer, deeper, or taller than the standard model, we can make it happen. This also extends to our upholstery options — if there isn’t a fabric or leather to your liking in our collection, we can use a material of your choice or help you source another. You can begin the journey towards ordering your own British-made Chesterfield sofa or chair by browsing our range. If you have any questions or would like to know more, feel free to get in touch or call our team on 01204 368 413.

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